Invest in a Child’s Future!

Transform the Lives of Preschool Children in Malawi!

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Help us change the lives of 56 preschool children and give them the head start in education that they deserve. A good foundation in school can set the path for a child’s whole future and early childhood education has a significant influence on their success in primary and secondary school. Every child has the right to a good preschool education in a safe place, with qualified teachers to guide their learning and they need books, toys etc. so they can play, explore and learn about the world.

Unfortunately, this is not the case for the children in Lauji Community Preschool. Their school building is falling apart – it has no door or windows, there are cracks in the walls and floor and holes in the roof that leak when it rains. It is unsuitable and unsafe for children. It is not a place you would picture for a preschool. There are 56 children enrolled at the moment, but due to drought and food shortages in the community, some children are not coming to school because they are too weak from hunger. There are also many children in the area who do not attend preschool, as, often, parents do not realise the importance of early childhood development.

The community volunteer teachers have received no training and get paid an allowance of only €6.50 a month, which the community leaders are even struggling to pay. The school previously shut down as there was not enough money to pay the teachers. In addition to this, the school has no teaching resources, apart from a play ground which was donated. They are lacking basic resources like tables, chairs, educational books and toys. It is hard to imagine how a preschool can run without any of these essential items, but the teachers are doing a great job teaching through songs and games. These kids, however, deserve a better start in education and the opportunity to thrive and have a brighter future.

How You Can Help Us!

We conducted a community meeting in Lauji where the school Board and parents expressed a strong desire to improve the school. These families do not want a handout; they just want a chance to change their children’s fates. However, being able to provide a good start in education is just a dream for many.

Our goal is to raise €6,110 for Lauji Community Preschool and transform the lives of 56 children. If we raise this amount we aim to do the following:

Training Teachers

You will help us provide basic early childhood development training for 6 teachers (4 from other preschools.) We will facilitate a two week training session from the Department of Early Childhood Education, pay for a trainer and travel and food allowances for the teachers. This will ensure the teaching volunteers have improved core skills to teach the kids.

Paying Allowances

At the moment, because of drought, parents cannot afford to contribute to the teachers’ allowances. With your help, we can increase the two teachers’ allowances and pay them for a whole year, ensuring the school stays open. Once the drought ends, parents have agreed to continue to contribute financially – so the school can be sustained.

Providing Resources

Your donation will help us buy teaching resources and furniture for the school to improve the quality of education. We plan to buy tables, benches, mats, black boards, stationery and a variety of books, educational toys and materials.

Raising Awareness

With your support, we will be able to conduct an awareness campaign to ensure parents understand the importance of early childhood education and, as a result, send their children to preschool.

Rebuilding the School

We can rebuild the preschool with your help and ensure the children have a suitable and safe place to go. The community members are so excited about this project they are willing to provide labour, mud bricks and sand for free. The school will be built from bricks and cement and iron sheets will be used for the roof. We plan to build two classrooms and it will have the capacity to hold 60 children. The community will also elect a maintenance and repair committee to ensure the school is well looked after.

This work will not be possible without our generous supporters . As a small local organisation, it is difficult for us to get funding; this is why it is vital we get support from members of the public. When you invest in this preschool project you will give these children a chance to break the poverty cycle and have a better life!

Donate now and be part of the solution!

€12 can buy 10 activity books for preschool!

€40 can pay for the painting of educational murals in the classroom!

€60 can provide basic training for one teacher in early childhood education!

€155 can pay a teacher’s allowance for a year!

€300 can provide teaching resources for the whole preschool!

€5120 will build a new preschool with two classrooms!


Thank you for helping these little ones have a brighter and more hopeful future!


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