Our internal team is made up of a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of expertise in non-profit management, fund development, program development and evaluation, financial management, technology solutions, communications strategies, and event management, and more. Together, we aim to provide services of the highest quality to the organization.

DIN’s staff consists of:

Executive Director


Anderson F. Billiat

Email: dinadimin@gmail.com

Cell: + 265 991 043 004/+265 881 579 198

Project Manager

Joshua (2)

Joshua A. Malunga

Email: dinorg2012@gmail.com

Cell: +265 888 451 874/+265 999 451 874

Project Officer


Aubrey R, Divala

Cell:  +265 999 672 267/+265 882 903 240

International Representative


Lorraine Gilmore ( Ireland)

Email : lorrainegilmore88@gmail.com

Office Assistant


Loveness Andrea

Finance Officer and Field Officers

DIN is managed by an active seven-member Board of Trustees. It is comprised of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Board Secretary, Vice Secretary, Board Treasurer and Board members. The Board is responsible for providing technical expertise to the Management.

  1. Mr. Grain WP. Malunga  The Board Chair and he is the Chief Adviser of Paladin Africa Limited.
  2. Mr. Owen Chomanika  The Vice (DIN financial Adviser) and working with National Institute and Democracy.
  3.  Mr. K. D. Dakamau The Program  Adviser and he is the Deputy Director for Local Government Services.
  4. Mr.  F. Alubano The Education Adviser and he is working with Chikwawa Education Department.
  5. Mrs. Mercy Kapingasa The Health Adviser and she is working with Chikwawa District Health Office.
  6. Mr. Thomson Chingondo The Board Member and he is working with ESCOM.
  7. Ms. Lorraine Gilmore The Board Member she is the International Representative.

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