Farming Practices

Chikwawa and Nsanje districts are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, particularly as it relates to agriculture and rural livelihoods. In addition, many subsistence farmers lack the resources and training to generate enough income to provide for their families.

Lack of adequate farm inputs and irrigation systems mean farmers struggle to produce enough food to sell at market. Given the region’s high vulnerability, significant adaptation efforts are needed to address the critical interface between climate, agriculture and livelihoods at the community level.  malawifoodinsecurityresponse

Program Aims:

  • Improve farming techniques and technologies so farmers achieve better harvests.
  • Promote the use of plant resistance crops to reduce food shortages in times of drought.
  • Promote better management and storage of food.
  • Provide crop management and agri-business training, to ensure farmers can generate an income.

Disaster Risk Management

The Lower Shire is one of the regions in Malawi that experiences floods and drought almost every year. The heavy rains and floods in January 2015 displaced many communities, leading to increased population density in most parts of the district, a situation that has forced people to exploit well covered land and plant their crops on soils with high erosion rates.

The projected climate change scenario in Malawi shows an increase in mean temperature of between 2 and 3ºC by 2050, a decrease in total annual rainfall and water availability and increase in erratic rainfall events.

Program Aims:

  • Strengthen farmers’ capacity to access and use quality information, training and products in order to adapt to climate change and variability.
  • Strengthen the capacity of stakeholders to create agricultural innovation systems.
  • Promote planting trees and elephant grass along the river banks.

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