Chikwawa district is remotely located with poor road networks leaving some areas inaccessible, especially during rainy season, resulting in people having no communication except through the radio. A community radio is the most accessible, participatory and effective medium to reach people in rural communities, giving voice to people to air and solve their own problems.

A radio station would provide a means to reach more people through awareness campaigns on key issues. Publications would cover a broad range of economic and social issues including: development policy, finance, health, education, gender equality, youth empowerment, environment, trade, poverty, climate change and globalization.

We aim to contribute to the health and social wealth of our local community by providing access to a truly independent, community owned and run local radio station.

Program Aims:

  • Increase community awareness on gender equality, gender based violence, child marriage, youth empowerment and governance and democracy.
  • Improve access to local information, community events and entertainment.
  • Increase the sense of connectedness in our community between people of all ages, social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Provide a forum for engaging in discussions on issues of local, national and international importance.