DIN Malawi is implementing a project called ‘Promoting Gender and EducationImproving access to, and quality education for girls’ to motivate women and girls to become assertive and be able to negotiate safe sex practices and refrain from going into marriage vows early, let alone withstanding pressure from parents and relatives when being forced into marriage. https://www.nyasatimes.com/DIN Article

Traditional leaders are also being provided with Platform to discuss, identify and modify some cultural practices and beliefs that encourage gender based inequalities between women and men. They are encouraged to advocate for the importance of living in unity without stigma and discrimination as well as ensuring fair and equal access to resources at community level.

Through this project, communities at large, women and girls in particular are empowered with adequate knowledge on gender and human rights which are in turn motivate them to take leadership positions at community level. On the other hand, this development is further ensuring enhanced inclusion of women in various community economic developments.

Project Goal

To have a conducive school environment for girls and boys to access quality  education that is inclusive for all in Chikwawa district.


  • To combat gender based violence for girls and boys in primary and secondary schools in Chikwawa.
  • To build the capacity of school and community structures to effectively respond to gender based violence cases.
  • To empower girls with life skills to ensure prevention of gender based violence at school and community levels.
  • To enhance networking and collaboration between DIN Malawi and relevant stakeholders at district and community levels.


Meeting with Chiefs , Area Development Committees, Community Leaders, Community Development Committees, Village Development Committees and other organisations with an aim of sharing project ideas, objectives and area of targets and beneficiaries in this project.


Mrs. Mahata, the District Social Welfare officer working hand in hand with DIN Malawi to civic educate the gathering (learners, parents and guardians) on the importance of keeping a girl child in school. Online READ ARTICLE

Chikwawa District First Grade Magistrate sensitizing learners, parents and chiefs on the bi-laws on early child marriages. He emphasized that anyone found impregnating or marrying a young girl, law will take its course. ZBS Article

Tikondane Youth Club Comedy and learners sensitizing male teachers to refrain from falling in love with learners.

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