We are empowering gifted women to become Tailors and Designers in Chikwawa district. For this we equip them with Business Skills, advanced Tailoring Skills and Soft Skills to run their own business after completing the 6 months training.  As the project is just started in 2017, the team is very teen mothers, energetic and open for creative ideas and innovation.

Established in collaboration with ReJoin Malawi implemented in T/A Katunga in Chikwawa District. Women and girls who do not have an opportunity of going back to school are the beneficiaries of this project. They are trained in tailoring using manual sewing machine for six months and thereafter, they will start making women clothes that will be sold in different markets across the district.

The main goal is to empower the girls and equip them with tools to become self-reliant through tailoring skill. To be able to achieve the mail goal, the girls and women will need to achieve tailoring skills, will need to work neatly and precise and will need to be dedicated to come to the lessons.


  • To empower unemployed women and girls and build self confidence, self support and self reliance;
  • To enable girls to development in mind, body and spirit;
  • To encourage and equip girls to become Literates and Leaders;
  • To equip unemployed youth to develop their skills in future; the unemployed youth will become self financier.

Income Generating Activity

After the graduation of the first four trainees, DIN Malawi will employ them as tailors who will be making clothes and fabric items for sale and the profit will go to different DIN Projects. We are also thinking of adding more sewing machines that will enable us to recruit more trainees in the next six months. These four graduates will became assistant trainers, a thing that will build their skills and help us to reduce our costs.

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