The most recent project was established in collaboration with Interexchange Foundation, and is implemented in Chikwawa District. Women whom face the double burden of HIV as well as poor nutrition, income, and health are given the opportunity to join a cooperative with DIN Malawi or pursue job opportunities individually with their six months of in-depth tailoring experience.

The main goal is to empower the women and equip them with tools to become self-reliant through tailoring skills.

We are recruiting motivated women who aspire to become tailors and designers in Chikwawa district. We equip them with business skills, advanced tailoring skills, and soft skills in through completing a 6-month training.  The project began in 2017 with the target of 13 teen mothers. In 2020, a new training began for 12 women — the project target audience was expanded to benefit women living with HIV. Therefore, DIN Malawi recruited vulnerable women from its partnered HIV support groups. These women were without a steady job or consistent income, averaging at about 20,000 kwacha (about $27) per month from small jobs. All of the team members are very excited, energetic, and open for creative ideas and innovative learning. They are trained by two professional tailors that live within Chikwawa district.


  • To empower unemployed women to build self-confidence, self-support and self-reliance;
  • To enable women to develop in mind, body and spirit;
  • To encourage and equip women to become large contributors in their local economy;
  • To equip unemployed women with skills to create and seize job opportunities related to tailoring.
  • To increase income and beneficial nutrition practices for women living with HIV

Income Generating Activity

After the graduation of the 12 trainees, DIN Malawi will employ those interested as tailors who will be making clothes and fabric items for sale. The profits will be directed towards benefiting DIN’s various community projects. We will also add more sewing machines to enable us to recruit more trainees in the following training. In addition to this, some of the twelve graduates will be recruited as assistant trainers, a position which will build their skills and provide training to future participants.

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