We would love to support young people in schools to eradicate early marriage. Please read this special research if you’re interested in finding out more – and get in touch for you to take part in this project. Your support is highly appreciated!!!

DIN Malawi with development partner from the United States, conducted a series of research interviews with school staff at nine primary schools in the traditional authorities of Kasisi, Katunga, Maseya, and Mulilima. The nine schools were selected to represent a cross-section of the schools in the area – some were located close to trading centers and some were much more remote. Each school was visited unannounced and in random order, between Tuesday, 11 October 2016, and Friday, 14 October 2016. DIN representatives requested to speak to three individuals at each school: the head teacher or deputy head teacher, and one male and one female teacher selected by the head teacher.  Read this Bad Story:  SEX FOR FOOD


Research Results

The three common responses when schools were asked their opinions of the causes of early marriage were poverty, culture, and peer pressure, with culture and poverty being almost equally liable for fostering environment for early marriages. Many of the students come from families living in severe poverty whereby acquisition of sufficient basic needs such as food and clothing is often not met. Therefore, the family’s priority of effort leans heavily and primarily towards obtaining food, income, and other basic needs. Education becomes an option but not an outright expectation, unless those minimum needs are met. Lack of materials due to insufficient funds was cited unanimously by all nine schools as a critical shortfall and a significant detracting factor for school attendance. Read more: din-early-marriage-report-2014