The overall goal of the Tiyasamale! Support HIV positive families in Chikwawa is to improve the quality of life of 86 beneficiaries. Two specific support groups are targeted here, Namavu support group and Likhubula support group. All the beneficiaries reside in Domasi and vary in age and sex. Visit this link:  MBC Story   

Activities on this project;

  1. Establish a Piggery, Goat Pass-on and Chicken Programme that benefit those families that are affected by HIV and AIDS.
  2. Provision of  Food Stuff to 85 HIV/AIDS affected families.  
  3. Conducts community awareness campaigns where PLWHA and communities at large sensitized. 
  4. Procure and distribute 20 bicycles to be used during hospital referral services.
  5. Conducting community consultations where is visiting beneficiaries in their homes. 
  6. Provision of farm inputs for improved food security at individual and household level.