We’re privileged to partner with lovely organisations we have listed below. If you would like to partner with us, please see this page.

Organization Name Partnership details
wp-1499932751386. The country age network in Malawi is the Malawi Network for Older Persons Organisations (MANEPO). MANEPO is coordinated by Kalibu Ministries and is an umbrella body for all organisations implementing programmes for older persons in Malawi. Click for Info: MANEPO

Photographers without Boarders (PWB) Canada was founded by Danielle Da Silva in 2009 while PWB USA was founded by Phil Spitze in 2006. The organization now operates as one entity with Danielle Da Silva as the CEO. We are over 650 photographers and videographers strong, have worked in over 27 countries and have completed over 100 projects to date. Our images are published in places such as United Nations Handbooks and National Geographic. For more info: Photographers Without Borders


Women of Action Ministries (WAM) is a local Malawian NGO working with a a minority group that is often overlooked by society – WIDOWS. Our work focuses on empowering widows and other underprivileged minority groups through skills training and entrepreneurship.

WAM is build on Christian ethics and spiritual transformation and fellowships are key components of our programming. However, our services are rendered to anyone regardless of their faith. For more info visit: Women of Action Ministries (WAM)


Print Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 600 civil society organisations committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfil their potential. Visit GNB LINK
lilongweLogo-300x250 The Organization seeks to unite the nation and achieve a point where citizens will view diversity in ethnicity as a positive aspect of the country. It seeks to strengthen the spirit of brotherhood and nationhood among the citizens across the republic of Malawi. Peace Ambassadors Malawi
934 The Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) is the national civil society network coordinating, supporting and representing the people-to-people links between our two nations. We represent a community of 94,000 Scots with active links to Malawi.  Scotland Malawi Partnership
images The founding idea of WWOOF is to facilitate human exchanges around organic farming. WWOOF hopes to provide a way for people to learn about organic food, farming, and ways of life. In doing so it brings people together to share common human values and thinking. WWOOF also hopes to provide helping hands to its organic hosts and allow volunteers to understand what it means to earn a living o For more information visit:  WWOOF Organisations (FoWO) and Visit WWOOF MALAWI
ICPblockLogoR300trans Chikwawa district has already made a lot of progress on its road to Peace. Education on gender equality has led to a better quality of life for many women and cases of gender-based violence have decreased in the last decade.  Stigmatization towards HIV and AIDS has declined and community members are more accepting of people living with HIV and AIDS. Read More CITY OF PEACE