As a small NGO it can be difficult for us to get funding, so we rely on members of the public for help. You can hold a fundraising event. The money raised will help transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable communities in Malawi.

Hold a fundraising event for our current preschool project and help us build a new school!


Here are some fundraising ideas:

  • Have a fundraising event or party with an entrance charge.
  • Organise a raffle and try and get the prizes donated.
  • Organise a collection in your local church, mosque, synagogue, etc.
  • Have a bake sale at work or in your local community.
  • Partner with your local supermarket and pack bags for donations.
  • Arrange a fun quiz night.
  • Have a clothing sale party and sell some clothes you do not wear anymore.
  • Buy some lollipops, put a thank you note on them and sell them to your neighbours, friends, family and work colleagues.

Or you can be creative and come up with your own ideas!

Please contact us for more details about fundraising.