From USA [21/03/2017]

We spent seven weeks here Chikwawa. When we came to Malawi we had never been to Africa or volunteered in a developing country. We were looking to get an understanding of rural village life in a developing African country. We got exactly what we were searching for and much more. We lived with Anderson and his family at their home in Chikwawa and taught at a preschool and a high school while in Malawi.
The experience of living with the family was the best part of our experience. Not only were we able to learn about their culture but we developed lasting friendships with Anderson and his family.  We ate every meal with the family, played games together, took water from the borehole together and spent many hours sitting under the shade of the trees and learned about each other. My girlfriend, Whitney, helped to develop a new preschool in a nearby village where she worked with existing teachers to improve methods while I taught math and science at the high school.
Whitney’s project was very successful and the teachers are doing a wonderful job.

However, I really enjoyed teaching and getting to know the kids. The experience also taught me about the culture of Malawi’s youth and their views on education.